Electrical system & trailer lighting

Bearing in mind all the regulations and provisions that apply to different types of safety, a fully functioning electrical system and trailer lighting are essential. It is also extremely important to be visible if your vehicle is towing a trailer or caravan. However, the most important of all, if that the electrical systems between the vehicle and the towed trailer work so that the surrounding traffic can easily see the indications given by the vehicles’ lamps.

Electrical system

The trailer’s electrical system and lighting consists of a connector, cable and lamps. The actual connector connects the trailer with the car’s electrical system so that the trailer’s lamps light. Naturally the trailer or caravan must have fully working tail lights, indicators and position lights. The trailer connector is either 7- or 13-way. You only need to choose which one suits your vehicle. If there is any uncertainty at all concerning what is required, please contact us and we will assist you. If you have a 13-way connector on the vehicle but a 7-way connector on the trailer or vice versa, naturally we stock adapters that address this problem.

Different types of lamps

The lamps on the trailer or caravan must be of the same type on the entire vehicle. If you want to replace the actual lamp model, you should replace all the applicable lamps on the trailer to guarantee that everything works as designed. It is also possible to replace traditional lamps with LED lights. There are a number of advantages offered by LEDs, for example, they have a long lifespan compared to common lamps. There are also some significant environmental aspects associated with using LED lamps instead of common lamps. Valeryd has a broad range of LED-lamps. We also offer complete lighting kits that include all the parts required, such as trailer connector, trailer cables, indicators and tail lights. They also include clips and pliers.